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Basic guide for placing bets on eSports

Betting on eSports or electronic sports has been gaining prominence with the advancement of the video game industry.

With more and more sophisticated and fun games, fans of this type of entertainment on a video console or PC have begun to follow the best in the field, and although in Europe they are hardly known to most, in countries such as Japan or South Korea They are true idols among young people, as are the footballers here.

Games to eSports are followed by millions of people and given the sporting and competitive nature of eSports tournaments and events, they have become part of the options to bet on at any bookmaker.

What are eSports? (In a nutshell)

An eSport is an electronic sport, or in more common terms a competition around what happens in a video game.

It is characterized because in it the athletes do not play by running, jumping, throwing or hitting a ball, but they compete only with the orders that they transmit through a command, or a keyboard, or a computer mouse, to a virtual agent (a video game character for example).

The main difference with respect to the vast majority of sports is that the athlete's physique goes to the background, being mental agility, planning, memory and in general the mental aspects much more important.

In a way they could be compared to chess, since it has many similarities and in the same way it has those who consider it a sport and those who do not.

The brief history of eSports

Today eSports occupy an important space between the leisure of young people and less and less young people.

In many Asian countries they have exclusive television programs, and there are several YouTube channels that receive tens of millions of visits dealing with eSports.

But the road to get here has been much longer than most of the population thinks, because decades have passed since the first steps were taken.

In 1972, Stanford University held a “Spacewar” lathe, a game that now seems very basic to us, but which at the time was quite a novelty.

As early as 1990 the Nintendo company held the “Nintendo World Championship” with its most popular games, Tetris Super Mario Bros and Rad Racer.

With the appearance of “Pokémon”, another fever would be experienced that would have its key point in the Pokémon Stadium of the year 2000, in which the Spanish Sergio García Maroto was going to reach 3rd place in the Sydney World Championship.

But the before and after would be lived later with the appearance of Warcraft, and after the hand of the same creators DOTA (Defense of the Ancients).

The last great creation in eSports has been League of Legends, which is undoubtedly the most important in the world and attracts tens of millions of fans.

Our useful advice for betting on eSports

To bet on eSports, it is advisable to heed the same advice as any other sport. Electronic sports players compete, train, study their opponents and lead a healthy lifestyle just like a soccer or basketball athlete would, obviously without meeting the physical demands of these types of sports. So it’s advisable to research the players/teams and their track record as well as follow the latest happenings in the specific game you wish to put a wager on.

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